Thanks for visiting our wedding website! We are 1836 days into marriage (but who's counting anyway). We are very excited to share a glimpse of our summer wedding with you through our favorite photos of our big day! Our wedding day marked a new chapter in our lives and while it was admittedly a bit of blur, there is no denying the fun, exciting, sweet, and tender moments that surrounded the day we became the Baglios. Beyond those memories is the ever present reminder of the holy covenant that we entered into together with God. We hope our wedding served as a signpost and reminder - in a world full of storms and struggles, pointing to the fulfilment of God's good purposes for Creation and the coming together of all things on heaven and on earth in Christ. From the fellowship with the each of you, we were both blessed with your words of encouragement, prayers and presence in our lives. Thank you for your support and love as we move forward as one.

In this website you will find details on how we met, the proposal, and what we're up to currently. There is some content on this website which we would prefer not to have available for the whole world to access, therefore much of it is password protected. Those of you who have received a thank you card will find the RSVP code on the inside of the card - you can enter this code into the field to the right. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Whether you were able to come to the wedding or you sent your congrats from afar, we hope you enjoy our website.

Thank you,

Anthony & Rebekah

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